5 Essential Oils for Stress Relief that You Need to Discover

If you are dealing with anxiety and stress as so many of us are, there are many natural remedies. You can use them alone or in addition to other treatments. 


Essential Oils for Stress and Anxiety

One remedy that you can easily use is to try essential oils for stress relief. All essential oils have their own uses. Here are 5 essential oils for stress relief that you may want to try out.. Read more about essential oils here.


Lavender essential oil always seems to come up first on almost any essential oils list. It is multipurpose and one of the easiest essential oils that you can find.

One of lavender’s main benefits is its soothing properties. It is highly effective against anxiety. Lavender should be a staple in your essential oil collection.

I find that lavender smells so great that even walking past a lavender plant seems to reduce your stress. I have lavender planted in both my front and back garden. The smell really perks my day up.

Essential Oils for Stress - Lavender


This is another popular stress-relieving oil. Roman chamomile is used to calm nerves and promote relaxation. German chamomile can bring pain relief and has anti-inflammatory properties. If you are also unwell in addition to your stress load, this variety can help ease both.

I ended up taking a long walk through a big field of chamomile the other day. Long story, don't ask. However, the upside of my disastrous expedition was that it all smelt amazing. I didn't actually know it was that easy to grow.

Essential Oils for Stress - Chamomile

Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang has a unique, pleasant smell. It is excellent for helping you unwind when dealing with a stressful period in your life. It is a renowned mood booster and has the capacity to lift your feelings at the end of a bad day. Use it in the morning, before bed or anytime you need a pick-me-up. That will be every Monday then.


Frankincense is an oil that has been used for thousands of years. This oil has a timeless scent. It brings feelings of peace, relaxation, and well-being when you use it.

Frankincense is one of the more expensive oils. Although it can be used alone, it is also effective when used in combination with some of the other anti-anxiety oils.
Essential Oils for Stress - Frankincense


This essential oil is bright and cheery, as is the fruit. It is perfect for beginning a long day that is sure to include some ups and downs. It is known to affect the autonomic nervous system in a positive way.

Many people associate good feelings with the scent of lemon, and this alone is reason to put some lemon oil into your cabinet of natural remedies.
Essential Oils for Stress - lemon

How to Use the Oils

Essential oils have been shown to enter the bloodstream when they are inhaled or applied topically. They can be diffused alone, or in a combination of oils. Mixes can team up to combat a specific problem. In this case, both stress and anxiety.

I am using lavender and lemon in my bed room at the moment, and I am sure I am feeling more relaxed. What are your favourite essential oils for stress relief mixes?

Dilute essential oils with a carrier oil and apply to the feet before bed. You will get a good night’s sleep. Experiment to find the combination that you love and that brings you feelings of peace. Use any carrier oil that you like. Try almond, apricot, olive, coconut, avocado or anything else you have on hand.

These essential oils deserve a place in your line-up of ways to deal with anxiety. Remember that if you have tried natural remedies and nothing seems to be helping, it is worth a trip to the doctor. You can then find out if there is something going on that may warrant some extra help.

Try using essential oils in combination with healthy lifestyle changes. Find a doctor who is familiar with how to incorporate natural therapies with standard therapies. That way, you will be well on your way to full emotional health and a less stressful life.

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